HEAVY by Jouri Smit

Directed by Jouri Smit
Written by Seth Miller
with Daniel Zovatto, Sophie Turner, Darrell Britt-Gibson et Matias Varela

Genre : Drame - Length : 90 min - Year : 2019


Seven, a high-end drug dealer, is perfecting his game. His life is centered around trustworthy clients, socialite parties, and crazy getaways where drugs are abundant. A perfect configuration he shares with Maddie, the yin to his yang and his soulmate. Until a long-lost childhood friend resurfaces, asking him for help to complete a simple deal. Disregarding common sense, Seven accepts for all times' sake, unaware that his actions will unleash an infernal spiral where no one is spared and everyone is to blame. 



Director of Photography: Mahdi Lepart
Original score by James Mark Stewart
Editor : Mickael Dumontier

Sound: Bryson Cassidy, Rudy Michael, Lucas Roveda et Jeffrey Roy

Production designer: Matthew Bianchi
costume designer: Robin MacDonald
Hair and Make-up: Blake arsenault - Kat Crisp


Directed by Jouri Smit
Written by Seth Miller

Produced by David Atrakchi (Frank & Lola), Jouri Smit (The War To Be Her), Jay Van Hoy (The Lighthouse), Dillon D.Jordan (Bodied), Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Bronfman (The Witch), Gael Cabouat and Boris Mendza.

Executive Producers :  Ludovic and Alida Pailloncy, Lawrence Cancellieri, Randy Cancellieri, Robert L. Hymers III, Rick Matros, Justin Smith, Yohann Zveig, David Elfersi, Jon Irvine and WTFilms.